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Council Boards & Committees

The Township of Red Rock has various committees and boards that offer input and advice to Council on the issues that touch on their respective mandates. Below are the listed Council Committees and their members.

Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee is a committee of council.  It is a band of intrepid volunteers dedicated to making the town look fantastic, with hanging flower pots, planted trees, and by maintaining gardens throughout the main street and other areas in town.  With the upcoming Annual Events each summer and many visitors traveling through the community, Red Rock will really shine as … a Superior Treasure.

The Beautification Committee members:

  • Judith Sobush
  • Shirley Jean
  • Jeanette Carruthers
  • Ruth Park

Red Rock Public Library Board

The Red Rock Public Library Board is a board of council.  The Board oversees the finances and operations through the Chief Librarian.

The Red Rock Public Library Board members:

  • Mickel Smith – Council Representative
  • Cheryl Hendricken
  • Anne Lockwood
  • Denise Maidment
  • Marilyn Young
  • Joanna Boudreau

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment is a committee of council. The Committee meets as needed to oversee Public Hearings for applications of Minor Variances.

The Committee of Adjustment members:

  • Darquise Robinson – Council Representative
  • Martin Bunch
  • Denise Maidment
  • Leif Andersen