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Contact Details

ADDRESS Salls Street, PO Box 447
Red Rock, Ontario P0T 2P0

CONTACT NUMBER 807-886-2245


The asset is being sold as is and as described. You are invited to place a bid with the information provided, if the information provided does not meet your satisfaction, we suggest you do not bid.

Removed from service – MARCH 2021
Condition when removed from service – Started & ran
Current condition – Working
Reason for being auctioned – Scheduled for replacement
Maintenance Schedule (while in service) – As required
Fuel – Propane
Engine information – 350 GMC
Transmission – Automatic
Drive-train – 2WD
Size/Dimensions – 12″ 6′ L x 6″ 10′ W, 6″ 4′ H (conditioner down), 7″ H (conditioner raised)
Notable attachments – None
Notable body damage – dicoloured fibreglass body
Notable / Details – Non
Mechanical/operational issues – tranmission leaks oil, no temperature gauge for water reservoir
Recent major repairs (last 12 months) – None
Exterior – Scratches, dents, dings & rust are present
Exterior – Corporate decals have been (or) will be removed – Impressions may remain


Bidding Closes on Thursday, March 2nd at 4:00pm. Bids can be placed in writing through the Municipal Office. All bids are final.