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ADDRESS Salls Street, PO Box 447
Red Rock, Ontario P0T 2P0

CONTACT NUMBER 807-886-2245


⛔⛔ ** UPDATE ** ⛔⛔

Work is now scheduled to take place as early as Tuesday, May 24th on these projects. Please make sure that any large vehicles (campers, boats, trailers, etc. ) that you want moved from your property are done so before construction begins as it may not be possible afterwards. Please make sure that NO VEHICLES are parked on the street as of this date. Contractors will try to have a lane open to traffic at all times, although this may not be always possible throughout the summer. Please be prepared to park your vehicles at the end of the construction zone and walk to your homes at certain times. If you have any questions regarding the construction, please contact one of the contacts located at the bottom of this notice.

Notice to Residents regarding the upcoming construction on Brompton Road, Rouse Street, Frost Street, Stadler Avenue and Newton Avenue.

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