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About the Project:

This program is a way for community members to honor local veterans, as well as family members who may have served, through the production of a memorial banner. These banners include a photo of the veteran, along with any other information the family wishes to provide. This can include the branch of the Canadian Armed Forces, the war in which they fought, their battalion, dates, and the name of the family sponsoring the banner. Samples have been provided for reference only and can be modified as per the sponsor’s request.

Memorial Banners will be displayed from the middle of October to the week after Remembrance Day in November, and will be mounted to the light standards along Salls Street and White Blvd.

A cost of $250/banner will cover the cost of production, shipping, a portion of administration expenses, installation for the first year a banner is purchased and a donation to the local Legion.

On an annual basis, the Township of Red Rock will coordinate the displaying and removal of banners.

If a sponsor would like to have two individuals recognized on a banner (see sample image below), there is an additional cost of $25.

There is a maximum of 2 images per banner.

A photo of 300dpi or higher (if scanning) or a photo from a smartphone can be sent to the CDO. A graphic designer with the Memorial Banner Program will work with sponsors to ensure they are satisfied with their banner.

Please complete the order form and return to Ashley Davis, Community Development Officer at the Municipal Office, or to by September 15, 2023.

Banner Examples

Note: as per flag protocol, the Canada Flag is always closest to the pole. These are double sided banners so the flags are reversed on the opposite side.


Example of two individuals on a single banner **Note: only the Union Jack is used in this example as that was the flag the veteran served under