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Contact Details

ADDRESS Salls Street, PO Box 447
Red Rock, Ontario P0T 2P0

CONTACT NUMBER 807-886-2245


The Township of Red Rock has contracted SAGE Analytics Inc. to conduct an Organizational Review for the Township. SAGE presented a Preliminary Report to Red Rock’s Town Council in April 2020. The final phase of the Organizational Review is Community Input in the form of a survey.

The Township is now urging all residents and property owners to fill out the survey and submit it to the Township before August 24, 2020.

To fill out the survey online, please click the link below:

Paper surveys will also be available at the following locations starting on Monday August 10th:

  • Northern Credit Union
  • Saunders Foodland
  • Dampier’s Offshore Variety Store
  • Red Pebbles Cafe
  • Red Rock Marina

All completed surveys can be dropped off at the Municipal Office from Monday – Thursday during the hours of 9am-3pm. Surveys can be left in the Library Book Deposit Box inside the main door. Surveys can also be dropped off at Saunders Foodland in the designated drop box.

DO NOT bring your paper surveys back to the establishment you picked them up from. Alternatively, you can mail your surveys to the Municipal Office at:

Township of Red Rock
Box 447
Red Rock, ON
P0T 2P0

All surveys must be completed and submitted to the office by August 24, 2020.