Red Rock Historical Society


 The Red Rock Historical Society is a group of volunteers “dedicated to the preservation of the past for the enrichment of the future”.  The Historical Society has an exciting 2012 ahead as they will be applying for grants to purchase specialized equipment and hiring someone to archive and produce digital database and catalogue their collection.  The Historical Society is also committed to providing their members with quarterly newsletters containing information on the Historical Society’s projects, its volunteers, “Bits n’ Bites” on Red Rock, “Historical Tid Bits”, photos, “Looking Back” on the community and “What’s New” happenings.  If you are interested in receiving a newsletter, supporting the Red Rock Historical Society or volunteering.  



Historical Society's Photo Gallery



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Donate $20 to the Red Rock Historical Soceity and recieve a Township of Red Rock 30 minute DVD

Donate $100 to the Red Rock Historical Society and recieve a Township of Red Rock Tapestry