TOWNSHIP OF RED ROCK tender for the construction of a new WATER POLLUTION CONTROL PLANT (WPCP)


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The Township of Red Rock is appreciative of the fact there has been a large amount of snow so far this winter season and is grateful for everyone's assistance in snow removal efforts. However, pushing snow onto a roadway is illegal under the Highway Traffic Act, S 181. Please be advised that you may be ticketed for doing this as well as paying the cost to have the snow removed.

Also, please use "snow etiquette" when removing snow from your property and do not move it across the street in front of your neighbours' properties. Please keep the snow from your driveway in your own yard or on the boulevard adjacent to your property.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



 To the Citizens of Red Rock on Town Water:

We have had our first waterline freeze of the year. As the temperature falls again this winter, we request that you read the following and, if you believe your line may be susceptible to freezing, please do what you can to prevent it. This will reduce the cost of thawing to yourself and the Township. Over the past few years, the cost of thawing frozen waterlines has cost the Township over $50K.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.


Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing
  • Disconnect all gardening hoses and install covers on all outside
  • Keep your house temperature at 68 degrees or higher, even if you're leaving the house for an extended period of
  • Open cabinet doors below sinks to allow heat from the home to
  • Identify the location of the main water valve and the valve on your water heater. (Learning the location of these valves may come in handy during an )
  • Wrap pipes nearest exterior walls and in crawl spaces with pipe insulation or with heating tape. This can prevent freezing, especially for interior pipes that run along outside
  • Close all windows near water pipes; cover or close open-air vents. Freezing temperatures combined with wind drafts can cause pipes to freeze more
  • Heat your basement and consider weather sealing your
  • Insulate outside walls and unheated areas of your
  • If you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, shut off water supply valves to your washing
Monitor Freezing Pipe Conditions
  • Allow a faucet to drip slightly (lukewarm water) in order to minimize
  • The first sign of freezing is reduced water flow from a
  • Check your faucets for water flow and pressure before you go to sleep and again when you wake
  • Check pipes around your water meter, in unheated areas, near exterior walls and in crawl spaces (these tend to be vulnerable to freezing conditions)
  • Identify cold air drafts coming in from a flue or chimney chase and caulk gaps that are near


Thank you,

Mayor, Council & Staff